Georgia Dental Insurance Plans

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Two Types of Dental Plans

There are two types of dental plans to choose from when shopping for individual or family dental coverage in Georgia - dental insurance plans and discount dental plans.

A true dental insurance plan means that the insurance company will make payments to cover your dental services. A discount dental plan means that when you see in network dental providers your dental services will be provided at a discounted rate. Let's take a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages for both types of dental plans.

Dental Insurance Plans

Here are some important factors to consider when shopping for individual or family dental insurance.

  • Insurance company pays your dentist for your dental services. Amount of reimbursement varies depending on services provided.
  • A greater number of dentists accept dental insurance plans.
  • Most dental insurance plans allow you to see any dentist. Typically you will receive a higher level of reimbursement when you see a contracted network dentist.


  • Waiting periods apply for basic and major dental services (does not apply to preventive dental services).
  • Cost of policy is more expensive than discount dental plans.
  • Annual maximum benefit amounts apply.

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Discount Dental Plans

Consider these items when shopping for individual or family discount dental plans.

  • Substantial discounts on dental services received from participating dentists.
  • The cost of a discount dental plan is significantly less than a dental insurance policy.
  • No waiting periods or annual maximum benefit amounts apply.


  • Services must be received from contracted dental providers only.
  • Most established dental offices do not accept the discount dental plans.
  • Some plans apply an office visit copayment in addition to the cost of dental services.

Get rates and benefit information for individual and family discount dental plans in Georgia