Defined Contribution Health Plans

Georgia Small Business Owner

The #1 Solution for Small Business Owners

Healthcare reform has made it easy for small business owners to remove themselves from the burden of providing health insurance. Instead of sponsoring a health plan for their employees, business owners can now simply define an amount that they can afford to help fund individual health plans - all with tax free money!

Get Started with Your Defined Contribution Health Plan

How Defined Contribution Plans Work

It's easy to set up and administer a defined contribtion health plan.

Step 1 - Cancel your group health plan

Step 2 - Define any amount you can afford

Step 3 - We offer your employees indiviudual health plans

Step 4 - Zane HRA Software takes care of the rest!

A Complete Solution for Employers

Premium Reimbursement

Reimburse employees 100% tax free for their out of pocket health insurance expenses.

Online Administration

Administer health plan benefits online in less than 5 minutes per month.

Electronic Plan Documents

Automatically comply with all of the IRS, HIPPA and ERISA regulations.

Payroll Integration

Integrate your health plan benefits with your existing payroll service.